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Tony S

That’s the method I ended up using for taking apart cars too.  I tried using a smaller bit, to drill through the rivet and remove it from the post, but discovered that a larger bit to remove the head of the rivet worked better for me.  That said, I tend to drill until I see plastic shavings coming from the drill, so I’m a bit more destructive I think!

Nice car, and nice video.  I rather like the Northstar accessories you’ve used.  I bought Ramshackle’s range, as Northstar hadn’t even hinted they were going to be manufacturing a sprue when I purchased from Curtis.  Ramshackle are, like everything he does, very much on the cheap and cheerful side.  You get lots and lots of armour, crew, weapons and other bits, but the sculpting tends towards the cartoonish with over sized hands and weapons.  I really like the slim look of the twin MGs on your Blue Bother!

I also wish Ramshackle had done some air scoops and super chargers – bits to go on top of the hood.  I love that Max Max feel.  Maybe even a figure drinking guzzoline from a bottle and spitting it directly into the air intake!