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Just Jack

Thomaston – So how old are you?  I haven’t been able to run 6-minute miles in about fifteen years, but back then we were running three of them, back to back to back 😉  Either way, not sure I understand your fascination with the phenomenon.

Kyote John – You’re in luck, no 2/3mm Napoleonics 😉  But I’m mum after that, shouldn’t have even brought it up until I was ready to unveil.  Just know that I’ve been building and painting like a @#$%…

Whirlwind John – Thanks man, and yeah, my Chickenhawks are having a rough time, much as the Killer Pelicans did.  It’s all about pilot quality.  Which brings us to the P-40 issue/comments; I don’t by any means think the P-40 was a piece of junk, but the historical record will reflect it didn’t have much (hardly any, actually) success against the Zero.  As Thomaston pointed out, a lot of the AVG’s success was against Nates and Claudes (don’t know much about their facing Oscars).  To be fair, nobody really had success against the Zero until the 2nd generation fighters came out (Hellcats, Corsairs, P-38s, P-47s, P-51s).   The P-40s, Hurricanes, Spitfires, especially not the Buffaloes, hell, even the USN and USMC victories in Wildcats were mostly against Bettys, Rufes, Mavises, Vals, Kates, etc…, and a lot of the successes by those same pilots in the Solomons were because the Americans were flying over their homes while the Zeros were coming all the way from Rabaul, seriously taxing the pilots and planes.