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Mr. Average

After a reminder from a friend that I left out an “R” in USAREUR, it occurred to me that, with a game set in Zaftra being a NATO operation, the A ericans et al would probably be deployed as part of ZFOR, not directly from USAREUR or SHAPE. So off come the labels, new ones made… I’m so hard to satisfy. But it also gave me the time to consider painting some M60s I found as part of a Turkish contingent contributing to ZFOR.

It also made me think: in a confused, multinational End-Of-Cold-War battle environment, an interesting idea (one I’ve been tossing around for a long time) is that the non-native powers involved might not be predictable. NATO and Russia (or the Soviet, if I go that route) might have priorities that change during the game.

At the moment I’m not sure how to manage that in a game like this, but my mind’s eye goes to those little decodes you could find in cereal boxes when you were a kid, where a slip of colored acetate would reveal a secret message. If there were a way to make two messages on a single card, such that you could capture and potentially decode your enemy’s next order, but not necessarily with certainty, it would make a very interesting meta-game.

For example, say NATO and the Reformists decode with blue, while the Hardliners and the Soviet decode with red. Get the card first by reaching an objective and you get to decode it, along with a level of confidence as to how accurately it reflects what the other side would read. Or, alternatively, you may only be able to reveal SOME words in his orders and would have to guess at the remainder. Then you pass the card to your opponent and he decodes it for his next objective: do you know his next orders or not?

I have zero idea if it would work, just a thought.