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Just Jack


I get what you guys are getting at and agree with the technical aspects of what you’re saying, I just don’t think the combat profile/capability for a Wildcat or P-40 vs a Zero is any different, so I don’t worry about it in game turns.  So this ends up making the P-40 a net loser in the games because 1) it’s not as capable a dog fighter as the Zero, and 2) the Army pilots aren’t trained as well (with regards to deflection shooting) as the USMC/USN pilots, so they’re in an even deeper hole.

My guess on why the P-40 just sort of went away was because of the next generation of fighter aircraft, but that actually doesn’t make sense as the Wildcat continued to be produced and serve all the way through the war (as the FM2 and Martlett).

And you dodged the age question 😉