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Thorsten Frank

The lore of the game certainly did stop my enthusiasm for the game. One of the few games I completely ignore the “official” lore – and I´m a lore fanatic buying rules only because of this. But a sure pro for this is surely one could easier integrate some gadgets from Cyberpunk/road stuff like Walter Jon William´s Hardwired.

The game itself is really fun especially for people which aren´t wargamers. And it has some interesting mechanics.

But personally there were a besides the lore a few other things that aren´t my liking. The games primary concentration on a race was one. This was intended (see above – it makes it easier for non-wargamers to “understand” the game). But that was more or less changed with some rules and scenarios on the homepage. What weighed more for me is the ignorance of people without vehicles on the board be they drivers from crashed vehicles, spectators, passants etc etc. Always hoped to get rules for that but that don´t seems in the mind of the developer.

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