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Norm S

Polyester Fleece throws,which are widely available (in the UK at least) seem to have a different texture on each side. To one side you get the wool look and the the other, a shorter, more towel looking nap, which I suspect would work for the desert.

I have used spray paint on a fleece and that left the fleece slightly sticky to itself, so when folded away, it would tend when unfolded to retain light crease marks, so I think the solvent in the can is doing something to the polyester.

The watered down acrylic paint as described above seems the best way to go.

HOWEVER, I know over time that I have spent so much on trying to get cloths or a mat looking right, that it would have been better / cheaper / faster / more satisfying for me in the first instance to have just bought a professionally manufactured Neoprene (mousepad material) mat. Gale Force Nine do some nice ones, which are printed to both sides. There is one with a nice green on one side and a desert brown on the other, with a variation in colour that is visually nice. I paid £63 for mine in the UK for a 6′ x 4′ roll. Their city map is simply superb – again double sided, though the flip side is a sort of yellow green that I am less keen on, but does all add to the variety.

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