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My science fiction setting is around 400 years in the future. Given the accelerating pace of technological change it’s hard to predict just what sort of propulsion will be available. That said, on a frontier system such as that of Harmony’s; it’s likely that technology will fall into the ‘rugged and durable’ category, rather than the latest and fanciest machines.

Most civilian vehicles are still wheeled/tracked in nature, albeit powered by highly efficient fuel cells.  Hover vehicles are present, but they’re a little fragile for the terrain away from urban areas. Ground Effects Vehicles (GEVs) to my mind are high tech hovercraft, but a bit more rugged and likely to be predominantly used as military or corporate tech. there’s also an overlap between GEVs and dropships, air assets etc.

Anti-gravity and the like will exist, but to a limited extent, being expensive, relatively fragile and complicated to maintain. It might feature mor e  with advanced alien races. There is a lot that can go badly wrong with a badly maintained  AG drive!  My aesthetic would also be that AG vehicles should look ‘different’ too, as someone else noted before.