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Thorsten Frank

Damn you Thorsten Frank! Now I’m getting annoyed that there aren’t any rules like that in the rules!

You are very welcome!

Well, I while I understand why Mike Hutchinson left pedestrian rules out of the official rules I don´t understand why he don´t made some, at leaast, suggestions on the homepage. As you wrote that was an opportunity not used.
On the other hand I think, as stated above, I understand his decision. Again as you said, he tried it to make it different from Car Wars in as many ways as possible and keep it as playable as possible. Anything on foot would have led to complicated rules and that turns certain players simply off. And Car Wars was a complicated game in some ways. You can play several Gaslands games in the same space of time as one Car Wars game.
While I like the rich detail I get from a Car Wars game it´s always a question of time – a Gaslands game is set up faster and played.
It all comes down to personal preference.
Hm, something in between those too would be nice.

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