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Frickin’ brilliant dude!  You could do a very large bit of the town in 15mm quite easy, especially with the variety of HO buildings and kits out there.  I recently saw some lasercut card buildings that’d do quite well too, cheap and easy.  You’ve done a great job on them, and after seeing that church I may have just lost 1/1d3 Sanity points.

I have been meaning to dig out my CoC stuff, a new coworker is wanting to do some “old school” gaming and suggested it.  I have the old Innsmouth module, but the video game from 2009 called Dark Corners Of The Earth had a drastically different storyline that would be crazy awesome to try to RPG at some point.


So anyways, what rules do you plan on using for these CoC games you’ll be playing?


"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."