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John Treadaway

Talk about a slaughterama. Defenders really were mincemeat, despite their valiant (and fool-hearty) efforts. Too bad for them they couldn’t get those IEDs going. Maybe next time they hide them in prams instead, then they could get the sympathetic media coverage when the Slammers got trigger happy on “civilians”.

The IED bit with the vehicles is usually effective at equalising the forces but the players were just too savvy (maybe they’ve read other times I’ve used the idea on other games like here or maybe they’re just too smart!). I also wanted to try out the ‘pull a chit from a cup’ routine as a method of randomising it amongst the loads of parked cars rather than my usual approach: a detailed map of every single IED.

But up armoured blowers and a determined bunch of players is just too much for a greater number of not-very-good defenders. It was fun watching the Slammer’s players faces as we got out almost 10 Wolverine Vikings plus infantry; almost 20 Solace Marzak AFVs in various configurations; another 10 or so light aircar ‘vans’, some towed guns and calliopes and the thick end of 70 Infantry TUs and put them on a side table.

They just needed to trust the quality of their troops!

John Treadaway


"They don't have to like us, snake, they just have t' make the payment schedule" Lt Cooter - Hammer's Slammers