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Jemima Fawr

Great looking game! I am a bit surprised they lost so many Rattels, I didn’t think they were that vulnerable. Those Buffels are odd looking beasties, love them! Would a harder push have been successful, or would it have been more disastrous for the SADF?

That’s because my tactics are rubbish! 🙂

Ratel armour wasn’t very good – it’s proof against .50 cal on the frontal arc and against smallarms and splinters from other directions, but it’s also a BIG target.  In game terms it had armour class 2 on the front and 1 on the sides.  The gun was also massively outclassed by their Soviet opponents.  However, they did have outstanding manoeuvrability and good protection for the crew and passengers from mine-strikes.

Historically they made great use of the poor lines of sight in the bush, allied to their excellent mobility and far better training than their opponents, to flank their much harder T-34, T-54 & T-55 opponents.

I did actually deliberately charge in with the first one to show my mate Bunny how the firing/combat system worked… That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it… 😉

In the case of my second Ratel loss, I unwisely opted to prolong my long-range duel with the T-54 instead of scooting off into the bush.  It did pay off eventually through a lucky hit, but it wasn’t a wise decision.  I didn’t lose any more after that, though. 🙂

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