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Paperless RPG

a PC/NPC does like climbing, swimming, breaking down a door,hiding, sneaking, spotting detecting hidden things or units,use magic for things like raising a dead monster like skelitens, blocking a magic effect, setting things on fire, putting fires out, building defensive positions. or any action like these.


1) GM describes the situation

2) PC declares what they are going to do. GM decides how many successes(multiples of 3) are needed(one 3 is easy , two 3s is testing, 3 3s is hard, four 3s is very hard ,five 3s is near imposible)

3) PC rolls ready die.

NOTE: the figure itself depicts its Natural skills(class), eg a pirate with cutlus would be a sailor who can swordfight.

4) GM decides if ready die result matches the situation close enough to give the bonus die. GM also decides if the PC’s or NPC’s Natural skills(class) matches the situation close enough to give a bonus die. GM decides if the PC is doing something “beyond what you would expect”. These determinations will involve back-and-forth with the player, possibly with the opportunity for the PC to scale back their action. Can the PC change their action at this point?

5) Other PC’s decide if they are going to help. This could involve back-and-forth with GM to decide if the help offered is reasonable.

6) PC adds up how many dice to roll: 1 base + 1 for being a Hero + 1 if GM said ready die matched the situation + 1 if GM said Natural skills(class) matched the situation + (1d6 to see if they have equipment, then if the last roll was a 6, 1 for that equipment) + 1 if any of the helpers were judged OK – 4 if GM judged this was beyond PC’s ability. (Assume 0 or minus dice you just don’t bother to roll. PC rolls dice, reports back to GM.

7) GM counts number of successes (multiples of 3) and adjudicates results.

For opposing skill tests addup dice for each then you compare results, if you get evens or less you badly lose so apply appropriate punushment, if you get plus one you just got through with no result, if you get plus three you succeeded apply rewards, if you get plus four or over succeeded by far apply rewards.