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repiqueone wrote:

You’ll certainly see some fine examples of long posts here, whether you should even attempt to challenge for the title is debateable.  If brevity is the soul of wit, then I fear some are witless.

This after your long posts? If you are going to raise a dozen different issues with your long posts, long posts are going to be the result. [Note how the length of posts increased after you showed up.]   I love the little sayings like “brevity is the soul of wit” being your effort to be brief.  How about simple, short answers for simple minds with a short attention spans? In your case I get the feeling your pithy digs are simply a way to avoid and deflect the issues, like what is actually the average rate a man can walk.  3 to 4 miles?

Historical wargame design is an unavoidably complex subject with some simple answers that you insist are far, far more complex. Make up your mind.

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Your response is a thoughtful one, for all that will get you!