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John Treadaway

Very cool! I do enjoy the Slammer-verse. Very crunchy without all the daft skulls and what-not.

I believe that’s spelt ‘skulz’… And yes: I agree 100%. Proper nasty warfare but set in a (mostly) SF environment that looks a bit like VietNam  with ray guns.

Cool. Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers FTW

They’re superb, aren’t they. Scratch built hangers based on something Tony Francis had hoarded for years until ‘just the right opportunity’ came along. There’s another nice shot of it from a different angle here:

I can’t quite remember what Tony used but it comes from the same sort of starting point, as I recall, as this did for me:

That brown thing top right (which I did a few years ago and still use regularly)  is a desk draw tidy turned upside down with a similar number of widgets, doors and windows added.

John Treadaway


"They don't have to like us, snake, they just have t' make the payment schedule" Lt Cooter - Hammer's Slammers