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Jemima Fawr

Over the last few months I’ve been building terrain, troops and aircraft for a demo-game that I’ll be taking around some of the shows, starting with ‘Warfare’ at Reading in two weeks, then ‘Crusade’ at Penarth in January and ‘Partizan’ in Newark next May. It’s now 99% finished and ready for the shows, so we did a little play-test at the club on Saturday and it went very well, so I’m happy. I’ve posted on my blog about the terrain-building. I’ll follow this up with a report on the play-test, the full scenario and then the actual show games:

My 2019/2020 Demo Game: The Cassinga Raid, Angola 1978 (Part 1)

My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/