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Thank you very much for the quickness and thoughtfulness of your reply. Sorry for being pedantic but here are my interpretations of your replies where I still have “issues” or more realistically further thoughts or ideas.

Reaction fire can only occur;

1. At troops failing their rush attempt.
2. At troops attempting to close for close combat.
3. At troops using 1D6″ of movement to cross open ground in LOS of an enemy. If the troops just take their 3″ they are not subject to reaction fire. If they cannot reach cover (say a stone fence 7″ away) they could spend one activation moving 3″ and not be subject to reaction fire (but regular fire if applicable) and could try rushing the remaining 4″ another turn. Troops moving into the open from behind a building but moving 3″ would not be subject to reaction fire. It is assumed they are moving with some degree of stealth (moving cautiously into the open).

I am looking for your thought processes as much as iron clad rules as what you have in mind will tend to answer as much.

I think we played break check as written. My troops, which I also made subject to reaction fire while moving cautiously, just kept falling back. If not subject to all the reaction fire they may have fared better.

Absolute timing seems right, mention it in the rules (unless it is but I can’t remember seeing it yet).

I think we pretty much agree upon most machine guns. I do not know enough about various weapons to have any authority (despite watching so many episodes of Forgotten Weapons) on how a weapon would rate. I guess the only opening would be what rates as a light automatic. You mention the BAR, what makes you think LA for it, magazine size, lack of dedicated loader, doctrine of application?

My issue is a lot of the weapons need a dedicated loader or even two who cannot add their personal firepower while servicing the weapon in reality. So SAWs need 2 troops only one of which gets dice, a crew served needs 3 but same. This would tend to make them close to break even as far as total dice. So do the attached troops still add their personal dice as by servicing the weapon they increase it’s effectiveness? That would make any weapon fired by professionals way deadly. Thoughts?

For a true light automatic I come up with the FG42. A personal automatic weapon firing a full size/power cartridge which only had a limited magazine but was handled by a single trooper. Just my $0.02 and worth every penny!