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I sincerely hope there is a next game (despite having all your other commitments and campaigns!) so we can find out what happens.

There will certainly be next games (although I don’t know when, and who will be acting GM and imagine the next scenario)…

Who is that mysterious red haired (and red clad- bit of a clash but never mind) woman? (…) But why are they all there?!

As this was our first game (not mentioning earlier demo games) about this period I was happy to play with mystery… All 5 players had sent me their wishes by PM, so when the game began none of them knew on which side were the others… And I had happily invented some Non Player Characters (NPCs) for more mystery and I had great fun playing them: two fanatic Catholic monks, a female red-haired and red-clad Catholic League secret agent, an old Protestant nobleman in white doublet, and the local lord, his daughter, the innkeeper, etc…