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Great update on your continuing project – one that I have been watching with interest – thanks for posting.

Napoleonics is the one ‘smallest scale’ project that I have yet to get to grips with – mainly because I just can’t pin down what level to represent – brigaded bases a la Blucher seem to be the way to go, as regimental  would mean a zillion blocks to do – so have been interested in your more generic idea/approach – I had initially thought to faithfully represent each squadron or battalion within a brigade in representative formations, but got a bit bogged down in the mechanics of it all, so the whole thing sort of ground to a halt……

The real game-changer, of course, has been the entry of Forward March Studios….. If I wasn’t so invested in Irregular Miniatures’ 2mm metals, (I literally have Fort Knox levels of hoarded blocks !) I would be sorely tempted…..

I feel your pain with the painting of cavalry – another thing that has kept me on the back foot – infantry lines lend themselves to the broad brush approach – but individual horses less so – would be easy just to go with various shades (black for heavies, roan for dragoons, etc), but then what about the whites of trumpeters, and bringing the bases to life with more variations….. I once gave myself a hernia painting a shed load of ECW cav in 2mm and it can be very time consuming getting them to look ‘right’ by having enough variation in colour…….

Anyway – let us know how you get on – enquiring minds want to know


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