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Leon Pengilley

Went to this show for the first time last year. It’s in my diary to go again this year. Looking forward to it. I do note that there is no mention of catering for 2019. Will there be some?


Catering will be the same as last year, no worries there!



In 2018 we were very pleased to have the Battlefields Trust at our event, giving talks on local battles from the English Civil War. These were received extremely well, as was the fantastic Piercebridge model brought along by Mark Hornsby, so we’re hoping to keep these as a feature in our future shows. For 2019 we’ve got:

Civil Insolencies
The Battlefields Trust are pleased to announce the launch of the publication Civil Insolencies; poetry by Bob Beagrie. Civil Insolencies explores the events and characters involved in the lead up, conflict and aftermath of the Battle of Guisborough (16th January 1643).

To accompany this, Phil Philo (Chair of the Battlefields Trust) will give a talk on the Battle of Guisborough, while the Battlefields Trust’s Model maker in residence, Mark Hornsby, will also be revealing his latest model for the Battle of Guisborough downstairs in the main hall.

​Ready to Bleed
Arran Johnston (Director of the Scottish Battlefields Trust) will be attending Battleground to speak on both the armies of the Scottish Covenant and the Battle of Newburn Ford. He will be promoting his latest publication, Ready to Bleed: The Armies of the Scottish Covenant (1639-47) which describes the formation of the Covenant army, its campaigns, strengths and weaknesses, and will be released in December. He will also have copies of Essential Agony: The Battle of Dunbar available to purchase (available through Helion here: https://www.helion.co.uk/essential-agony-the-battle-of-dunbar-1650.html )

Useful Links
Battlefields Trust website: http://www.battlefieldstrust.com/
Scottish Battlefields Trust: http://www.scottishbattlefields.org/
Helion Books: https://www.helion.co.uk/browse-title-series-more/century-of-the-soldier-c-1618-1721/books-in-series/ready-to-bleed-the-armies-of-the-scottish-covenant-1639-47.html

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