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Yes I know what you mean about representing different units within a brigade. That’s one of the reasons I started with French and Austrians foot as they are pretty generic brigades. I’m not sure what to do when I get into Cavalry or the Austrian mixed brigades with Grenzers, Cavalry, Infantry and Jaegers, as the brigades differed between battles even in the same campaign. The bases labels will be removeable so I can switch then out, and I think I can live with the odd brigade with the wrong units. I was planning something similar to what you suggested regarding cavalry colours – darker colours on the heavies, and so far I have avoided painting musicians or commanders!

I agree FMS was the game changer for me as I didn’t have any 2mm (lots of 6mm) and I had a 3D printer. It seems a very good scale to 3D print as my attempts printing figures in larger scales has not gone that well.


PS: it would great to see your blog come alive again