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Just Jack

I started solo gaming in August 2013, so just over six years.  In that time I’ve played 370 solo games, just over sixty a year.  It’s been so much fun that it’s grown to five different blogs to catalog my solo adventures:

Blackhawket (the original, mostly a painting blog now, but still with gaming odds and ends adding up to 104 batreps):


Cuba Libre (my alt-history modern warfare blog, 148 batreps):


With the Lead Breed (WWII in the Pacific, with 50 batreps):


Lead Crusade in Europe (WWII in Europe/Med, with 67 batreps):


Sword of Gideon (Arab-Israeli Wars, with 10 batreps):


The key for me is:

1. Throw away that garbage about playing both sides to the best of your ability, be impartial.  To be interesting, I have to have a vested interest in ‘my’ side winning.

2. Play campaigns, series of fights, in eras hat you’re interested in, following a single unit (at whatever echelon you see fit).  Getting ‘bought in’ to the characters really makes it interesting for me.

3. Share it on the blog, so other gamers can enjoy it and be a part of your gaming, and maybe even convince yourself you owe it to your ‘fans,’ it can help keep you going when your motivation begins to wane.

4. Having said that, be flexible, do what YOU want to do, rather than get bogged down in something.  We wargamers are butterflies by nature, so if you start something but suddenly find it not being fun and wanting to do something else, do it, anything to keep the mojo flowing.  It’s why I have five blogs now!

Plus I don’t have any friends 😉