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If a unit had been on “a long weekend carousing”, what allowance would a commander have to make for their tactical movement rate on the next day? :-)

Well, if I was to do it like current military men, using the same methods that other posters have detailed from their military experience, I’d do the following:

1. See if the answer had already been enshrined in the current military lore [see: Tactical Manual  TM 1043/2013 : Inpediments to Movement and Other Pedometrics] 

2. Have the men take several long weekends carousing, then note how well they move the next day and find an average.

3. Find the men in the group that are still able to keep to a steady,  ‘non-carousing’ movement rate and make them the pace setters the day after said carousing.

Military men are nothing if not methodical.  That profession produced the original button-counters.