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Thanks, it’s been one of those things that’s a pleasure to write.

I think you are spot on on Bagenal’s battle plan it would have probably worked brilliantly but it relied on Tyrone doing what Bagenal wanted. It also shows us that Bagenal went out to fight a decisive battle that’s why he took the cannon along.  Had he simply wished to re-provision the Black Water Fort he could have simply marched with flanks screened by loose shot and Horse and left the ordinance behind to improve his speed.

I agree on the scouting too, Bagenal had 350 very good heavy cavalry and he didn’t think to scout 4 miles ahead.

As to Percy I think he might have been glory hunting and didn’t realise how dangerous the Irish Army was.  A lot of the English commanders had been at Clontibret and knew it would be a very hard fight.  Percy hadn’t been there and, he was the most aristocratic of the officers, and probably thought he knew best.

The third part will be up later next week.