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Guy Farrish

Sounds like a fascinating day, I keep meaning to sort my commitments out to attend one of these but children, real life etc keep conspiring against me.

Thanks for putting up the report on your site – interesting read.

Just a couple of notes on the Chester/Gloucester thing – the Forest of Dean is usually regarded as fairly hostile to the Royalist cause and although technically it does not stretch right up to the city it effectively buffered Gloucester from the attentions of the Marquis of Worcester’s forces in Monmouthshire during much of the period. So Gloucester wasn’t quite as isolated as it may have seemed.  The Mercurius Aulicus referred to the inhabitants of Dean as ‘most notorious rebels’ and ‘the rebel foresters’.

At the northern end of the border Sir William Brereton was a Cheshire MP and commander of the Cheshire Parliamentary forces, not Lancashire. Alexander Rigby was the leader in Lancashire but Brereton did assume a wider command as the most competent military man in the north west and later became commander of Parliamentary troops in Cheshire, Shropshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire. He was one of the three military MPs exempted from the Self Senying Ordinance.

There are some good mini campaigns to be played based on the Welsh border activities in the Civil Wars.