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I’m on the fence about the fake names, as it feels very GTA, and I find GTA silly. RDR 2 is a more serious down to earth game so I would have prefered real names. Also, I can’t remember the fake names, so I just call it Louisiana, New Orleans, Dakota etc.

I guess I’m fond of the way they made a game set in “real world history” and were still able to have it be a world-building exercise like a fantasy game. Best of both worlds. I would have found it constraining had they tried to pin the geography down to the real American West, Midwest and South. Similarly, I’d sooner have the fuzzy anachronisms than have the game be faithful to the exact point in time it’s set in.


I just watched a review of this game last night and it looks very good. I like open world gameplay and horse riding, this fills both. I thought this had been out months ago or an online version so I’m a little confused.

The horse-riding is very well designed in RDR2, I must say. It’s a deeper, more involved activity than its counterpart in most other games. Really makes you feel like you’re playing a western. I like open worlds in video games, too, and this must be one of the best ever made. Do be prepared for that you’re going to miss some content because of the open world, though. There are limited windows of opportunity for various minor bits of side-story scattered about the gameworld, which aren’t marked on the map. It’s a mammoth game that invites you to play it twice or more if you’re of the completionist persuasion.