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If you’ve got super simple rules/concepts for air to ground strike games that actually involve some decision making (not just dice rolling)…

That’s a tough one. It’s why I don’t play WWII air the options are too limited. Your options for both dive bombing and torpedo bombing is the approach vectors affecting chances to hit.
Maybe roll to see if the target turns? Changing attack aspect and chances to hit. You could use the same attack grid as for aircombat for dive bombing but torpedos will be different.
4+ 5+ 4+
5+ ^ 5+
6+ 6+ 6+
If you use the normal attack pool of dice then this is an extra step. Consider making ships only able to take 5-6 damage and each hit only cause 1 damage.

Maybe an option to drop at the last moment that gives +1 to hit but 4+ chance of getting shot down by AA or crashing.
Also you could add AA fire like warwell did, hitting on a 6. Being me I’d combine the attack roll with the AA fire, any attack roll of 1 the plane gets shot down before dropping it’s payload. Dropping at the last moment the plane gets shot down on an odd roll. It works even if you use the old attack pool method.

Tired is enough.
I like tiny miniatures