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Just Jack

Kyote John – Thanks man, and amen!

Thomaston – Yeah, the whole thing concept comes down to, are there really enough decisions to make?  I’d also thought of AAA having different ‘to hit’ based on different aspect to target, so the pilot has to choose whether to come straight at the target, where he’s easier to hit, or travel more obliquely, being harder to hit but exposing himself to fire for a longer duration.  I was thinking more like this:

5+  4   5+
6          6
5+  6   5+

What do mean “attack pool of dice”?  I was thinking that each attacking aircraft takes 1D6 of AA each move, hitting on the above, roll to damage/kill, roll to see if they hang in there or return to base.  I can’t really think of a reason to treat dive bombers different to torpedo bombers; in simple terms, they both have to get to point-blank range in order to deliver their ordnance.   The ‘shot down’ on a bomb/torpedo drop roll of ‘1’ is pretty harsh, but I like it 😉

Eight Zeros for CAP???  I’m having a hard enough time with six!  And I noticed you didn’t think the US should have 8-plane CAP.  I like the idea of tying it to the carrier capability/status, but I’ve also got to tie it to the squadron’s remaining pilots/aircraft, then I make it even more interesting with the die roll to inject some luck.

Lots to think about, thanks, and keep the ideas coming!