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It is. I have been watching The Great Model Railway Challenge https://www.channel5.com/show/the-great-model-railway-challenge/ and was surprised by what the judges thought was amazing modelling. I have always assumed that train folk were better at the modelling side in general than wargamers, but after watching two series’ of the show, I am thinking that maybe wargamers could teach them a trick or two.

It wasn’t really a model railway challenge though, was it?  It was more about creating three or four ‘animations’ around a theme, and ensuring that they worked.  There were bonus points if your trains didn’t derail. In the three days that the teams had I thought that some of them created some interesting and imaginative layouts, but a true ‘model railway’ challenge it was not, and it shouldn’t be viewed that way.

Oh, and Rod Stewart’s work is amazing.

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Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.