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I would have suggested 4 plane CAP but that’s too low. How about 1 A6M per carrier + 2 from the previous CAP if any survived?

IJN dive bomber tactics approach form the stern. Target don’t disappear under the aircraft’s nose.
I’m not sure about USN practice but it should be the same or similar.
IJN Torpedo planes approach from the bow so they’re different there.

The attack pool is when you roll a D6 for each bomber and count the total, as opposed for a role to hit.

For simplicity sake you could get away with AA using the same grid as air combat. The rule is getting a lot more complex with your ace rules etc.

Here’s something for dive bombers
Shallow dive – no bonus, normal attack.
Steep dive – +1 accuracy, only move 1 square forward (need to get closer to the target before the attack).
Couple that with releasing at the last moment you could get some accurate attacks at the risk of crashing.

Tired is enough.
I like tiny miniatures