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Just Jack

Rod – Hey man, good to know you’re still out there, still kicking.  Thanks for the kind words, it’s my pleasure, and I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

I was happy to finally get back to KG Klink and finish off France, it took way too long.  I was getting ready to take KG Klink into Greece when this Kursk deal popped up unexpectedly.  Also, Major Schultz is splitting off, getting his own kampfgruppe, and taking it to Afrika!

Yeah, the table and troops have definitely come a long way, much nicer than my old stuff, but those much fought over carpet hills were used in some of the most enjoyable games I ever played!

John – Yeah, it certainly would have helped the Reds, as would getting troops into Snava quicker, which would have necessitated a quicker shift fire, though we could still argue about where that fire should have shifted.

Make no mistake, I surely would have shifted it to the German ATG position, just sooner, but I will submit that battalion-level fire planning would probably call for it to be shifted next to the West Wood as that would have been the next issue, IF the Soviet armored advance hadn’t been so lethargic.