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Angel Barracks


It has been over a year since we last visited Mariposa.
We can see how much it has grown, featured here is just one part of the now prosperous town and self proclaimed capital of Kometenmelodie.

Mariposa, a drones eye view!

Zippy Couriers has a branch in Mariposa.

A wall is repaired after Junker Insurgents mounted an attack.

The RDF have a garrison inside the walls of the town.

A nice shot of the town.

One of the exclusive OKI Penthabs.

A place to relieve those tensions.

Some of the ways in which the town generates electricity.

A traveller tries to find his transport in the Hex2Go storage compound.

Black Gold is still very real, even in the future.

Deema field workers, nothing compared to Stonehaven’s though!

The beautiful town.