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Thanks for the encouragement!


Decided to take a slight break from painting, fun as it is, to mess around with green stuff and conversions. A bit fiddly to do at 6mm but not impossible!

On the far left is a cow, (Perfect Six Miniatures IIRC), I cut off the original head and made a simple press mold to create extra cow heads. The goal is to create two-headed cows like in Fallout. Next is a bison from Perfect Six, apparently it was a miscast (only one horn) and he was selling them for next to nothing. I bought quite a few as they seemed like nice livestock/scenery pieces. I used greenstuff to make exaggerated horns like the “Bighorners” from Fallout New Vegas. I originally tried to create unicorn bison but it looked silly.

The next is a greenstuff head done up in an octopus/cthulhu style. While I’m generally satisfied with it I’m not super pleased (the proportions are a bit chunky because I’m not used to sculpting anything so small!). My goal is to create a press mold for cthulhu heads and use them for head swaps for bad guys, (mind flayer psychic badguy types).

The last figured was probably the easiest to do; a simple head swap. Its a Microworld Hag head swapped onto a Defeat in Detail “female political officer”. The scale difference is apparent when both models are side by side, Microworld is closer to “heroic” 6mm (which I prefer) and Defeat in Detail a bit smaller and more “truescaled”. Still, from the tabletop view it seems fine. I imagine if I added a bit of filler to the bases of the DiD officers to bring their heads level with the Microworld/other figures the scale discrepancy wouldn’t be very noticeable. Will experiment more in the future