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rather than treating them as separate units

This can be tricky as NVA doctrine and practice was to focus as much as possible on knocking out FWF MGs as well as RTOs, as most often it was the these 2 doing the real damage and suppression.

when a detection roll is failed, a marker is placed on that unit and they remain undetected until they move or shoot – allows for ambushes to be as effective as they were in real life, and means if you’re moving about in the open, the enemy has more chances to detect you.

I like this alot!  The hard part is keeping the players honest and from metagaming.

Another issue I tweaked was the damage table – HE did far too much damage, with 1 RPG killing multiple people and wounding others. I scaled it back based on the accounts I’ve read – from what I remember it was mostly 1 person killed max from an RPG, with a few lightly or seriously wounded in the worst case. Units would usually be spread out enough that a single RPG explosion wasn’t going to cause multiple fatalities as well as multiple others wounded. I tweaked the Heavy Ordnance table too in this manner.

  This is also tricky… there is no doubt that the RPG-7  was much more effective than the RPG-2 (B-40 rocket) even though the B-40 was more of a frag type round, but it also depended upon terrain.  RPG-7s were murder in rocky or forested areas, but less so in the open.  Not sure how you can equate for that.


Something else I think you might want to look at: how casualties are processed.  In most games when a unit takes casualties the stand is just removed and it is assumed that the wounded were taken to friendly lines.  But in VN you couldn’t just wander back to your line, as there was none.  As casualties were usually collected at a specific point for evac, sometimes the CP, perhaps there should be markers that get moved and have to be defended, etc.  The NVA were notorious for sending flankers out to probe for the CP and these areas so they could not only get at the wounded but to shoot down the Dustoffs.  A heck of a lot of battles shifted focus from attack to casevac after initial contact, and that is often not reflected in most VN-centric rule systems.  Politics played as much a part in combat as in policy.  Battles were won on the field but lost in public opinion, just look at Tet!

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