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Nathaniel Weber

Fire & Fury (regt’l is quite similar to their brigade game) is a fun game and easy to grasp. I have actually enjoyed games of Black Powder for ACW. The Black Powder 2nd Edition book has two good ACW scenarios. The rules encourage a certain amount of chaos that work well for the mass citizen armies of the Civil War.

If you are playing at 15s, with the size of units you describe, you could play at “half scale” for black powder (substiting 6″ for 12″ measurements in that game), and your 7×5 table would be sufficiently large for most anything.

A nice thing about Black Powder is that you can tweak it easily, so you can add more detail if you like.  I increase the chance of leader casualties, make defensive fire against charges a bit more effective, and add some other chaos and friction rules.