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Just Jack

1. My apologies everyone, ‘real life’ got in the way for a bit, I think we’re past it now.

2.  Whirlwind John and Thomaston need to take their butts over here:

On the Northern Shoulder of Kursk

You seemed to have missed one of my batreps, and I’m peeved because I thought it was one of my best, evah! 😉

Kyote John – Shush it! 😉

Darby – Yep, all my mini-campaigns are starting off super rough, but come around.  Sorry, no Pappy or Black Sheep, that’s VMF-214, and I went with a fictional VMF-343, the ‘Dirt Divers.’  They will, however, be getting their Vought F4U Corsairs in 1943.  I can’t wait! 😉

Thomaston – You’re a horrible person…  Knocking out the target won’t affect this mini-campaign, it’s just kinda for keeping score, so to speak.  For the naval battles, I’m sticking to history; not sure why, other than, that’s how I did Coral Sea and I liked it, so I’m going to keep doing it (for Midway, Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz, and Philippine Sea).  But for other fights, like New Guinea, Guadalcanal, maybe some others, like Rabaul or the Bismark Sea, I’ll probably go fictional and have the outcome of those campaigns be decided (in terms of the squadron itself) by what happens on the table.  But it’s still not going to alter the course of WWII.

Whirwind John – Yes, it has always been possible to engage more than one aircraft in a turn.  I’m trying to think if we’ve seen it before; I’m sure we have, but I just don’t recall.  And I don’t always show all the shooting; sometimes when a fighter goes at a bomber and misses, I don’t even take a picture/write it up.  The new tactic I’ve come up with is not actually attacking the bombers when it’s your initiative, but parking the fighter in front of them, knowing they’re going to come running straight into it when it’s their initiative, although to do that you don’t have very good odds at hitting (because it’s a front quarter deflection shot), so a lot of times I don’t show you guys that unless one of them manages to hit.  You’re more likely to see it with the Japanese because 1) their aircraft are so much more maneuverable (they can cut 90 degrees at a cost of 2 MPs, as opposed to it costing the US 3 MPs, for example), and a Japanese Ace or NBK rolling a 6 is actually rolling an 8, so he gets to zoom around the table like he’s in a friggin’ spaceship…

But that will all end when we get Corsairs, Hellcats, and P-38s.