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Sculpting is kind of tricky work but I did manage to make another press mold, this is for a canine head. I need some animal heads, (and misshapen mutant heads, etc) so that I can model post apocalyptic stuff like Gamma World or Mutant Epoch!

(inspirational artwork from the game Mutant Epoch)

The blue tack gives the dog head a bit of extra height, I’m confident it’ll scale correctly when the time for conversion comes. Also I tried using my first scenic tuft that I sliced into quarters using a razor. Turned out pretty good but I’m not sure I’ll bother doing it for every figure, (I feel like it’d make the bases too busy)

Next up: more mutants! I tried out a couple of things here. First, I actually applied some paint to a test terrain piece. I’ve never painted terrain before and I’m still getting the hang of it but I like the mix of dusty ground and ferrous red. Reminds me of the outback or something. Next, I painted the rims black of the miniatures to make them pop. VERY pleased with how that went… makes the tiny figures stand out a lot more to the eye. I like painting mutants because you get to use lots of bright fun colors and you don’t have to be consistent or anything.

The leaders/psychic is my personal favorite of the bunch. I love post apocalypse as a genre as it lets you use basically any miniatures you want. Medieval soldiers, modern soldiers, aliens, robots, fantasy monsters, etc. Not sure what I’ll work on next, wingin’ it. Cheers!