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I tried it today , wow that’s freaky…

Suddenly I was in an Iraqi street,  a parked M1 Abrahams. To load my M249 I have to use my hand to open it, get the belt drag it over and slam the top down.

I walk down the street, I physically lean out from the corner, I see four hostiles down the street. I light them up, they throw smoke but I down them all. As I move up the street I hear more coming up on the left. And I finish them off.

In a less glorious map, I was on a tanker at night a silenced MP5 with IR laser sight. Slowly moving around the tanker. When suddenly 4 guys open up, I panic  fire of my 30 rounds in 2 seconds. Jump behind a bulkhead. Can’t manage to get in a new mag, I fumble.  I barly get out my pistol, down two guys before I end up dead.