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Rod Robertson


R&P seems to be a skirmish game rather than a regimental level game. Based on some readings and some comments here, I’ll stick to my Brother Against Brother for ACW skirmish battles.

Steve Burt:

Thanks for your recommendations, they are much appreciated.

vtsaogames (Vincent) and Chris Pringle:

Thank you for recommending BBB. I’ll have a look at it. Cheers and thanks to both you and Vincent for your efforts in the field of ACW gaming. As to game length, I am looking for short and fast as well as crunchy and leisurely (in different rule sets).

As things stand right now, I think I’ll be ordering Fire & Fury (Regimental) as well as Longstreet for both fast and slow options, but first I will give BBB a much closer look.

Thanks to all for your input and if anyone has more recommendations, then please chyme in. Good counsel is always appreciated. This will be at least a two-year long project so I will take my time to get rule choices right. Soon I will be pestering you for figure line recommendations in approx. 15mm size.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.