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I’ve got to fight you on this! One of the joys of using helicopters at this scale is the shear variety of loadouts.

Because the focus of this game is the infantry platoon, I don’t plan on letting players choose any specific support helicopters as part of their army list – they can choose heliborne infantry which may have accompanying gunships, but beyond that helicopters will have to be called in on the fly – at which time they will be randomized in a way where players will have a few options depending on their available miniatures (which is why I have cobras and Huey gunships armed the same). That’s my plan at the moment, will see how it goes in playtesting.

Also, other helos to not forget: the H-34, CH-46, and OH-13 (used a lot more than the OH-6, and for longer, it too had an m-60 on the right).

Cheers, the H-34, and other larger transport helis will be lumped together into the “heavy transport” helicopters, the same as the CH-46 shown above – allows players to use a few different miniatures to represent the same kind of thing. I’d prefer to have just a few different types of generic helicopters represented in this game, keeping player reference overhead down. Allows the focus to remain on infantry with helicopters purely acting in support.

I agree with Tom that what you get wrt heli loadouts is what you get. Since the point of view is an infantry commander you would have zero input on what was circulating in your area. However, if you were a commander of heli borne troops then I could see you being able to pick and choose. For a campaign game I might suggest the player (heli borne commander) be given a few different potential fights and be allowed to create a couple different loadouts they would be comfortable with. Then what they actually get is randomly picked from those.

At this scale every player I know has at least one of everything from the period and theatre of operations. I doubt many interested would be upset having to acquire more minis!