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Thanks, and yes, you guys got it pretty much right.  It is based on photos I found on the net of three different, but very similar buildings, plus my wife took photos of some kitchens, and we actually arranged the kitchen around the list of equipment that should/would have been present.  I don’t know if the buildings were originally part of a chain, or were just a generic off- the-shelf diner/restaurant building design that some architectural/construction firm offered in decades past.

The room off of the back of the kitchen will have the freezer in it.  The office would have consisted of a desk with stuff piled up on it. Not sure if the desk will be present or not.

I picture the place as a sort of “Route 66” kind of thing with a little gift shop area behind the cash register with tourist junk.  The building will actually be in pretty good shape for the post-apocalypse, more abandoned than ruined, as the town it will be part of has its own little story of abandonment in my dusty, desert, American southwest setting.