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Don Glewwe

“…accurately guess what the rule for something might be without having to check…”

Two good points: an intuitive rule/mechanic that requires players, at worst, to remember the specific number (“I get a bonus here…how big, again?”) and keeping the book-checks to a bare minimum (if not eliminated entirely).

It is towards the latter that I’m trying to move.  The current version uses tables to learn effects, while the ‘variable number of dice’ method presents the results in the roll itself.  I’m looking to have both available to suit personal taste (as well as present a ‘comfort zone’ version for bucket o’ dice players…).  The trouble is that it produces the ‘this unit is good so it gets a -1 modifier and this one is bad (or has accumulated damage) so it gets a +1’ rule that goes against common sense.

Dunno…ended up shoveling anyway, so not sure anything’s been accomplished. 

Thanks for all the replies.