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There is no excuse for poor delivery of items purchased for a retailer, in the 70′, 80’s and 90’s delivery times were slower than now.  That was due to the time took in sending a letter for a catalogue, waiting for the return, you sending of the order, waiting for a cheque to clear, waiting for the return of your items.  Today with the internet order and payment are instantaneous, if the item is in stock and does not to be cast or specially made, 3 days delivery is the norm in the UK.

Example I ordered an item from Ian Hinds on Monday this week at 1400 and it arrived at my house Tuesday 1100 fantastic service, bought an item of ebay on Thursday arrived my house Saturday.  So it is possible to provide speedy and efficient service if you can be bothered.

I order items from firms that need casting and they give me a time scale for production, then email me with an invoice.  So we both know where we stand, it is all about good communications.