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Don’t use spray varnish use Daler – Rowney acrylic matt varnish, stir well each time before use.  Place a small amount on a clear mixing lid, apply small amount on brush and brush thin coats insure you apply thinly.  Works every time for me, I never use the last 20% at the bottom of the bottle.  I use this for terrain varnishing.


This is the only way I have found to make sure you don’t get the clouding effect, by using spray varnish you put to many variables into the equation.  Using spray in the UK you only have a window between May and September when the weather is temperate outside those months the temperature is to variable and this will have a drastic effect on spray varnish.  Of course I am assuming you are spraying outside or in a well ventilated garage.

Happy gaming and varnishing.


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