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Mike Headden

Just back from a trip to Durham that incorporated a visit to Battleground 2019.

I really enjoyed the show and took the chance to chat to traders and fellow gamers.

Came away with large amounts of MDF, paint and resin terrain plus a few metal pieces (the latter all from Pendraken, naturally   )

If you get the chance to visit Battleground 2020 I heartily encourage you to do it.

There are some (88 apparently!) pictures on Imageshack, here:


Many cracking games in progress but I feel special mention must go to the Grimsby club for the inclusion of a German film show that included actual film footage on screen!!

The gent in armour choosing which box set to get, a knight choosing knights, too meta to miss 🙂 Thank you sir, whoever you were, for agreeing to pose.

Imageshack seems to enjoy messing up the order images should appear in but hopefully the signposts for games and the images thereof are close enough for you to work out what you are looking at.

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