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Just Jack

Yeah man, they’re fantastic.  Now we need poses for reloading, firing a pistol, shot in the arm (but still fighting), shot in the leg (but still fighting), throwing a grenade, crawling, dragging a wounded comrade, carrying a wounded comrade, etc…  😉

The game Darby is describing is not Final Combat (I’ve played that, and the one Darby is talking about, I just can’t remember the name.  I want to say it was “Soldiers at D-Day,” or something like that), but I would recommend a game like Final Combat (or its modern version, “SOF Warrior”).  The game is broken down into phases, and you can carry out one action per phase, with better troops activating in all five phases (Tier One-type troops) and rabble activation in only two phases, with the phases randomized by chits.