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NKL Aerotom

Whipped up a .gif showing how the hidden movement system will work:

The plan is to have upturned boxes all over the table (we use the bottom inch of a paper cup, turned over and painted a soil color) – these “Terrain Points” can have hidden units move between them, and reveal themselves up to a certain distance from the terrain point they’re currently at.
They would also have the opportunity of detecting and attacking enemy units while hidden (like Hind & Seek’s firing from hidden positions)
Units on the table could then go from being revealed back to the terrain point, melting back into the jungle.

When a unit moves from Point to Point, they will need to make a skill check, and if this is failed, an “Enemy Movement” marker is placed at the point they just left.

That’s the first layer of the hidden movement mechanic – should allow for true hidden movement without umpire or off-table tracking. The terrain points will be rather small, only larger enough to accommodate a few bases of infantry – which would only be the HQ unit of a platoon, with the rest of the platoon being deployed once the unit is revealed. Its likely the VC will mostly make use of these Terrain Points, but some missions will have both players deploying hidden like this and attempting to stalk each other.

The second layer of the hidden movement is that under each Terrain Point is a piece of cardboard with “?” on it. The underside of each ? sign is blank, but the US has the opportunity to deploy recon teams (which would have blinds with the same “?” on the back), so they could keep an eye on what’s passing through the terrain point they’re watching, and even move between terrain points (although if they botch their movement, they too will leave an “enemy movement” marker, and the VC might start searching nearby, rolling to be able to flip the “?” blinds over…).