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Just Jack

Kyote – Not really a bummer to me, I don’t even think in those terms.  To borrow a phrase that I absolutely hate: it just is what it is.  I should be playing one more of these fights this coming weekend, but I’m still in Midway.  I’ve played the first five games, but I just realized I didn’t post game #2 last week, got too caught up in all the Turkey Day happenings!  Coming right up.

Rod – My pleasure man, glad you enjoyed it, and I absolutely agree about the Soviets having gotten much more capable, but the scenario/campaign master had laid them out as ‘conscripts,’ which spoke not only to their level of training and experience, but also their morale, so they weren’t much for moving about in the face of the enemy.  As I mentioned in the batrep, even the sneaking out of the southwest woods to pull a pseudo-ambush at the railway embankment was probably more than I should have allowed.