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There is a statue of a Qing dynasty mandarin in Chatham Square (Pitt the Elder was quite popular in colonial New York), the center of Manhattan’s Chinatown. The official stands in Qing dynasty Manchu dress, usually surmounted by a pigeon. The ironic legend reads

Lin Zexu

1785 – 1850

Pioneer in the war against drugs


Scrupulously honest (a rarity then as now), he was sent to govern Guangdong (Canton) in order to stamp out the opium trade. Refusing the usual bribes, he arrested dealers and destroyed several tons of drugs, setting off the first war. After the defeat of Manchu forces he was relegated to the provinces per the British demand. The peace treaty also included leasing Hong Kong to the British.


Very nice work on the figures. I guess the Manchu forces should be poor shooters and green. I’d add in timid but maybe make the British aggressive instead. After all, no units are supposed to be less than 2 points and three minuses would take them below 2. Any artillery should be green and light, representing archaic smooth-bore guns and crews with opium addiction issues.

This too shall pass