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Brian Weathersby

Thanks guys.  I readily admit that my ships are something about which I’m rather vain.

Thomaston:  Threading the lines like I do does make the rigging a little more complicated.  It’s not an original idea; I actually got it from the Langton’s book on painting and rigging their models.  Interlocking the rigging like that does provide one MASSIVE advantage to the models.  That advantage is: If the model is dropped or the masts are bent out of shape, doing the standing rigging in this fashion actually permits it to work as advertised.  That is, moving one of the bent masts will move the others back into rough alignment as well.  There’s no need to ask how I know this. . . . 🙄😭

EDIT:  The edges of the gunports are red, which means the interior portion of the port is red.  The exterior portion of the port lid would be yellow, just like the sides of the ship.

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