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John Treadaway

Looks like good stuff. I was especially impressed with last issues Flash Gordon ship how-to, it had a lot more detail than I had figured and a great result. Nice to see the terrain tutorial is coming!

Tony does a slightly less ‘SF’ build next month: a European Storehouse

Looks like another interesting issue. And thanks for doing something on Silent Death. I started a new project last year that gone in hiatus and maybe this brings me back on track with it.

It was fun playing a game with Joe and Kevin Dallimore: I just love the system from the first time I reviewed a copy three decades ago. I mention in the article that I’m working on a card driven ‘AI’ for a robot ‘Betafortress’ (or similar) that allows on or more ships/players to cooperate against a non player ship. When I have it finished I’ll do an article on that as well and make it available for folks.



John Treadaway


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